Mrs. Harsha Talwar

Mother of Shivans Talwar- Std. I (B)

By 2016, Mount Litera Zee School would have shown to all that, an institution with a stress-free environment, child-friendly curriculum, a play-way teaching methodology and loving mentors, is equally adept at giving to the society happier, more social ad vastly talented individuals. This landmark will be the beginning of a long journey of contribution to modern India. God Bless!

Dr. Rupesh Kumar Soni

Father of Rituparna Soni - Std. II (A)

Come admission time, thousands of parents queue up for getting their tiny-tots admitted in top schools. Inside such schools, classes are overflowing with students – hardly an ideal place for young brains to develop and hearts to blossom. Desperate, not to subject our son to such a scenario, we were wishing for a school – where education will not be a dreary affair, will be more of fun and students getting attention from teachers. Our wish came true when Litera Valley Zee School happened. Two years have passed since then. Things are changing at a fast pace – more students, a new campus, a language learning centre, lots of lots of activities and endless other future possibilities. To visualize what LVZS will be in the next 5 years won`t be a easy task. With such rapid changes the face of LVZS is going to change with every passing year. The way things are underway and are being planned, LVZS will be nothing short of international standards. Growth and more growth is what LVZS is destined towards – from a 2-storey residential building to a modern multi-storey campus, from packed mini-vans to AC buses, from being unknown to be in the finger-tips of parents of prospective students, from present perception of Mount Litera Zee School being only for tiny-tots to a school for the young and dynamic – but for all this to happen the Mount Litera family comprising of students, staff and parents have to join hands and cover miles and miles. At the same time balancing things, such that, a perception is created, that MLZS is a premium institution of international standards, for students from all walks of society.!

Mr. Nandlal Gupta

Father of Khushal Gupta - St. III (B)

My child Rishisha Dash wakes up early just to ensure that she does not miss school. I am very happy at the changes that I see in her habits. The school is immensely helping in shaping her character.

Mrs. Shivani Rai

Mother of Sandali Rai - St. IV (A)

The interactions with the teachers have assured me that my child Manya Sugathan Iyer is in the right school. I find that teachers and the members of the management are approachable and attentive to our needs.