About Us

Makkar Education Trust

Mr.Kamal Jhiriwal

Mr. Rajan Jhiriwal

Mr. Robin Jhiriwal

Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers.

where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees.

where the vision is eternity, cultivate people (Good citizens).

For eternity vision Makkar Society came in existance on 3rd June 2009 with great vision, strong determination and powerfull objectives. Objectives of the society are -

  • To provide best education and to work towards the holistic development of the child.
  • To work in the direction of higher education in the field of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, computer etc.
  • To promote child development programme.
  • Society will promote adult education, cultural & social awareness in the society.
  • Society will promote girl child education by giving extyra facilities to the girls in order to make a long chain in the society.
  • Along with education trust has decided to spread their branches in vast by making old age home, hospitals, etc. In order to bridging the gaps society will also work towards community reach programme.
  • Members of the society are : -